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A few small delays

Our dial up connection - yes,  this site was built over a dial up connection and, yes, it was like trying to suck a cantaloupe through a silly straw - has started to get extremely flaky over the last few days and as a result I have been having a hard time uploading anything.

We are in the process of setting up a DSL connection (whoo! Free at last!) and everything should be good to go early next week.

It's kind of hard to imagine how much easer everything will be with a broadband connection. I've been using this 56K account for almost ten years now so it's kind of exciting to finally be catching up with the times. I guess now I'll have to break down and get an iPod. I mean, we've done all of this groundbreaking stuff with podcasting and I don't own an iPod . . .  Nah. I'd rather spend the money on a radio for the Dodge of Death. 

See you soon.


The Daily Frail 5/23/06

A simple D lick with a bluegrass kind of edge.

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D -----------x----+---h---x----0----0----+-----0---------0----
B -----3--3--x----+--2^3--x-----h---0----+-----0---------0----
G -----------x----+-------x-----^2--2----+--0--0-----p---0----
D --0--------x----+-------x---------0----+-----0----2^0--0----
G -------------0--+---------0---------0--+-------0---------0--

See you tomorrow.

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